We Can’t Be Friends

If you’re really awesome all the time we can’t be friends. I can’t hang with that. I can’t be awesome all the time. I’m broken. We’re all broken.

My friends are very authentic. Authentic doesn’t mean you suck, it means you’re honest about your strengths and your weaknesses.

If you can’t be honest with me then we can’t be friends.

I can’t listen to Joel Osteen because he’s too perfect. He’s too happy. His life, the part he lets us see, is too shiny. That’s not reality. I don’t need him to be miserable for me to happy but I can’t follow someone who is artificially content.

I can’t follow Donald Trump for several reasons (sexism, racism and classism are a few) but the biggest is that his perception of himself is innacurate. I don’t need him to hate himself but I do need him to be honest about his weaknesses. He isn’t.

If you can be honest about your weaknesses then you’re stronger than most people

I can listen to and have a deep respect for the pastor of my church because he talks about the fact he’s in counseling. I can relate to that.

  • Authenticity is about telling the whole truth.
  • Instagram isn’t authentic.
  • Facebook isn’t authentic.
  • Twitter isn’t authentic.
  • Most of our conversations aren’t authentic.
  • The way we relate to coworkers isn’t authentic.
  • We aren’t even authentic with our spouses part of the time.

Authenticity is being brave enough to tell the truth, especially when that truth is about your weaknesses.

I’ve never regretted being authentic.

Take permission to be authentic.

Let’s be friends, just be honest with me please.

The Internet Is Not Reality

The internet is not reality. There is only one reality and that’s the one we live in physical places. The internet is not a physical space, it’s a filtered reality.

This truth is best illustrated by my favorite quote from our 5th President, Abraham Lincoln.
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

Lincoln’s words remind us that the internet is full of bull, some subtle and some not subtle.

I’m grateful for the connections the internet affords us but as of late it has created more distance between myself and others. It has created more distance than closeness because the internet is not real, it’s a filtered reality of highlights and omissions.

How to feel like a failure

If you want to feel like a failure it’s very easy, download Instagram. It’s the easiest place to literally see a filtered reality. I don’t fault those who post to Instagram for distorting reality because Instagram is not where we should look for reality.
Reality happens in person and when we’re honest on-line.

How can we be honest on-line?

Tell the truth of your struggles, your wisdom and your unmet dreams.

Live streaming your next argument with your spouse on Periscope isn’t a good idea. That’s not the reality you should be sharing. That’s sacred space. Using Periscope to teach others about how to find middle ground when you do have an argument with your spouse though, that’s a beautiful example of using the internet to bring reality into focus.

Writing a blog post about how you’ve found an answer to a common problem, that’s using the internet for sharing reality.

Maybe you’re inspired by perfection. We sell aspiration. We sell unmet expectations. We sell potential. If the goal is to connect though, stop selling all the time. Use the internet to encourage, connect and inspire.

If you want to encourage, connect and inspire then do it using honesty. No filters necessary.






Starting Something New; Why You Should Ship Scared

Over seven years ago I quit my last “job” and started Take Permission Media Network. It wasn’t called that yet but that’s what it became. Now I’m starting something new.

If you have 90 seconds to spare I’d appreciate you watching the video below to learn what I’m starting.

Starting Something New

I’m scared but I’m shipping anyway. If we wait until we’re not scared we’ll never ship.

Click here to watch Starting Something New

Here’s the new project

Here’s the new project