11 Reasons You Won’t Write a Book This Year

1. You’re using the wrong tool.

By using a program where you can only see your current page and your entire project is on the same layer you lack perspective on your progress. You should be using Scrivener (Mac or PC). Use coupon code selfpublishing to save 20%.

2. You’re waiting to be picked

“Opportunities are drawn to people in motion.” My friend Jon Acuff says this because he’s always in motion so he always has opportunities. If you want to get picked by a publisher you need to be blogging, guest posting, writing shorter works, writing magazine articles, writing, writing, writing. Nowhere in the book publishing process should you be waiting.

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3. You don’t understand how fear works

Fear serves as a road sign that you’re going in the right direction. Fear isn’t a a stop sign, it’s a mile marker that we’re making progress. If fear is present then keep going. If you’re scared then you’re on to something. Push through the fear. If it isn’t scary then it isn’t valuable.
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