Video Review: Evernote’s Web-Based Portal Isn’t Junk Anymore

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Evernote has addressed perhaps their greatest weakness, the in browser design of their tool. You can now access your Evernote account in a clean, modern, and function design from within your browser. Here’s how to navigate this brand new experience.

Seven Steps To Start Using Evernote To Improve Your Life

Keep it simple

When you put information into Evernote you can forget about it. You can forget about it because Evernote will remember it for you. Evernote is best described as a brain. It remembers things for you. If you want to simplify your life follow these steps when you start using Evernote.

How do you master your digital office? (Free Year of Evernote)


You are drowning in digital information. You need better tools and systems to manage all the incoming information. Over the next few months I’ll be releasing videos teaching you how to manage your digital office. If you’d like to win a year’s subscription to Evernote Premium tell me what you need help with in your digital life by taking the survey.

Seven Steps To Defeating Your Greatest Weakness

andy's mouth

I’ve hated this about myself for over twenty years. Every day for the last 20 years I’ve thought about it, every single day. I’m embarrassed by it and it’s held me back in ways I’ll never be able to quantify. It’s my kryptonite.

It’s the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced. I’ve had total control over it but I’ve neglected it. Every day I made a withdrawal from it. You can only do that so long. I could only do that so long.

37 Steps To Never Publishing a Blog Post

blog post 37 tips

If you’re like me, you write too much helpful content for your readers. This 37 step process will ensure you write even less helpful content. If you’re like me, you write too much helpful content for your readers. #37waystofailClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Wake up with only enough time to get ready and head straight [...]