Live off-line too

Remember to always have people in your life that you focus on more than your blog readers or customers.

I appreciate those who read this site, post comments and hire me to help get their message out through audio but no one is more important in my life than my family. That little boy just turned four. Today is his birthday party. He’s more important than any comment, tweet or mention. I’m not trying to look like a great dad, I’m just reminding you that your blog is not your life. Keep perspective. Live off-line too.

What I'm Shipping in February 2012

We often don’t realize everything we’re involved with until we lay it out in front of us so every month for your sake and mine I will be sharing a peak into the catalog of my projects.

Margarit Ralev -

  • Hosting five podcasts for authors.
  • Hosting two shows for business owners.
  • Hosting three of my own shows.
  • Writing a book which you can read as it is compiled by visiting Long Forks Book in the page menu above.
  • Recording live shows every week: Starting this Monday (February 20, 2012) I’ll be recording an episode of the Be A Better Husband Podcast live from 11am-Noon Central every week. You can see the full schedule of my live shows at including interviews with Jon Acuff and Rory Vaden on March 5th. I hope you can join me for some live shows. You can see the live recording schedule by visting our live broadcast page.

If you’d like to talk about how I can help you create a podcast or audio product you can reach me by clicking here.

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How to embed a tweet in a "quote" formatted post in Standard Theme

Wise reader and Standard Theme user Kevin Bower pointed out that the Twitter Blackird Pie Plug-in does this already. Thanks for the tip Kevin.

After recently switching to the Standard Theme  (affiliate link..thx) I wanted to utilize the “quote” formatted post option. As I was typing in the quote I wanted to post I remembered that I had tweeted the quote earlier in the day. The idea come to me that perhaps I could kill two birds with one stone; embed the tweet in the “quote” formatted post driving traffic to my site as usual but also increase engagement through my Twitter platform. Since I’m not posting the quotes for SEO purposes (I’m not sure Google will see my embedded Tweet the same as if I was typing in a quote) I was OK with embedding the Tweet. Twitter makes it very easy to embed your tweets and gives you some cool functionality at the same time. Here’s how you can do the same thing.

Step 1: Choose the “quote” format on the right side of your compose new post window.

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