Can you be happy when you lose a deal?

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I lost a BIG deal recently. It might be “tabled” or it might be gone forever but for now it’s not happening. I was confronted with a unique emotional decision when I “lost” this deal. There was something inside of me that was really happy for the “could have been mine” client. As it related to our working together I was disappointed, confused and actually quite discouraged. There is a history with them though and I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. My desire for them to find success was actually larger than my own self interest. That feeling actually surprised me. I was ready to be pissed for about a month. A week after losing the deal I was trying to help them move on to another project that I would make no money from.

I am not the answer to everyone’s marketing problem. Creating a podcast, an on-line show, or a physical audio product is not the only way for brands and individuals to find success. In light of that truth, I’m not the messiah. I’m not the answer, I’m one answer.

My family is something I hold tight.
My integrity is something I hold tight.
My reputation is something I hold tight.

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NCF006 : NonConformist Goals for 2012

The Non-Conformist Family Show

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Show Notes:

Family update

Vienna: 4 out of the last 6 nights she has only woken up 1 time. Holy joyous awesome…

Piper: Got home from a meeting w/a client and she was by herself in the kitchen grinning away, propped up on a stool, talking to herself, and washing dishes. Is that normal?

Sar + Josh: office for Josh has been taking up a lot of our focus. Converting the furnace room into our office. We’re spending a lot of time talking about how to improve our home

Another family we worship

Matt and Karen Langdon (from – pushing us to be purposeful about planning adventure (esp. through travel). We’re doing a 6-8 week Europe trip with them. They make sacrifices during the year in order to fund their yearly trips.

Main topic

Setting goals for your family: The Weekend of Coolness and Skulduggery

What are the themes?

Less is more – Electronics, meetings, weight, cluttered home, trips to the grocery store.

Create space – Physically at home, physically in the abs, and in the schedule

Equipping ourselves – Entertain others,

Overview of format. What our weekend looked like (esp. w/an 11 month old)

General Observations:

how we’ve grown since 2011… how the types of goals we’re setting today are different than they were 12 months ago… setting goals for our kids…  being really honest with ourselves (esp. me… I don’t always like to admit to myself what I’m thinking)

Next episode

Sarah’s our guest! We talk about marriage, sex, and the root of adventure.

Running Time 39:30

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What the internet sucks at

Photo by Jesse Therrien -

Photo by Jesse Therrien -

It does some things well
I don’t know if Al Gore invented it or not but I love the internet. If you asked me to turn it off and go to the mountains for a few weeks I would survive. The internet allows a guy living in South Dakota to connect with people all over the world. It gives dreamers making killer iPhone stands the funding they need. It gives guys in Kentucky the ability to create their own network where they can spread ideas all over the globe. The internet is a place where you can meet new people, order stuff that will end up at your house the next day and read books for free that make your life better the minute you finish it.

Don’t make it everything
The internet is a lousy place to have coffee. It’s a lousy place to confront someone. It’s a lousy place to cry on a shoulder. It lacks something and it always will. The internet puts something between us. It is between us. The internet is a wonderful tool and it has profoundly changed the human experience for much of our planet. It doesn’t replace first dates, play dates, family reunions, conferences, coffee chats, having a drink at the bar, getting a quick lunch, taking your wife out and opening doors for her or tucking your kids into bed. It can sortof do all of those things. When you can be there (in person), be there. When you can shake someones hand, shake their hand. When you can tuck them in, tuck them in. Don’t put the internet between you and people. In person is always better for building deep relationships. The internet can do many things but that doesn’t mean it should do them.

It’s a tool
Face to face, handshakes, mannerisms, scents, nuances. The internet doesn’t do those things justice. I love it but it’s a road to a destination, not the destination.

Why your life is lame – The Flinch by Julien Smith


You’re a wuss

I’m a wuss and so are you. We hesitate. We do NOT want to stick out. We want to be different but we fail because we use normal things to do it. The closest we get to wanting to be different is having a 2012 model instead of a 2011. That’s not different, that’s newer.

Julien Smith wrote a short book (length doesn ‘t matter by the way, it’s still awesome) about our human reaction to being different. The book is called Flinch and it chronicles our human desire to fit in and our deep rooted hesitation to do anything difficult.

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We all have the same button

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Access to information used to be the problem. Books were  chained to something because they were too rare to lend out. There was no mass distribution channel. Then the printing press came along and changed humanity. Ideas could spread  regardless of the creator of those ideas. The printing press didn’t distinguish between truth and lies, it just printed. The tool did it’s job.

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