A great place for getting ideas

me and caroline

Blogging is great and all but remember that ideas come when you’re living a healthy life.

How do you know it's Twitter spam?


As with all forms of communication there are those who dilute the channel with their junk. Twitter is full of spammers and while Twitter is trying to minimize them, the best defense against spammers is you. I use an app called Tweetbot for my iPhone. With just a few taps I can report someone as [...]

Three sales tools – motives, feelings, thoughts


“We don’t, for the most part, work with the invisible space of souls and thoughts and motives and feelings. They’re so abstract and immeasurable.” – Jennie Allen, Anything Businesses that have raving fans understand human emotion. How else does a company like Apple charge up to 3X as much for a machine with the same [...]

You'll never do real work

stop signs

The truth is, you (and I) really don’t want to get work done. I’m talking about a specific type of work. We don’t want to do the kind of work that makes us feel vulnerable, the kind of work that could seem pushy or authoritative. We allow distractions so we have an excuse for doing work [...]

Can you be happy when you lose a deal?

Image by Big Foot at http://www.sxc.hu/profile/big_foot

I lost a BIG deal recently. It might be “tabled” or it might be gone forever but for now it’s not happening. I was confronted with a unique emotional decision when I “lost” this deal. There was something inside of me that was really happy for the “could have been mine” client. As it related [...]