The Only Four Tools You Need to Self-publish Your Book (Free Webinar)


Tuesday February 18th 1PM Central You can’t create a good product without the right tools so on Tuesday at 1pm Central I’m hosting a free webinar to show you the only four tools you need to self-publish your book. Click here to receive the webinar registration by email. You’ll learn – How to build your [...]

How I work: PayPal Iphone App to Deposit Checks

Convenience comes at a price right? In this case the only cost is waiting a few more days for the money to hit your account. Here’s how I use the PayPal appon my iPod Touch (or iPhone) to deposit checks. There are a few banks that also offer this service but for you PayPal fans, [...]

Consuming content with Instapaper (How I Work Series)

Does anyone else see the irony that reading sites that are supposed to make you productive can have the opposite effect?  For fans of GTD (Getting Things Done) and sites like, productivity can be a wonderful pursuit but are usually a phenomenal waste of time. Ironically, which is supposed to help me “hack” [...]

How to add To Do List Templates in Basecamp by 37Signals


How to create to do list templates in 37signals’ Basecamp program

Working at work…not so much anymore

I had the privilege to interview Jason on my own podcast awhile back – You can check that out HERE. Sweet interview with Jason where he talks about how 37signals’ office is different and how they get work done.  Crazy idea…I know. Watch the video HERE