3,000 Dissatisfied People in Portland (World Domination Summit 2014)

Tonight I’ll land in Portland, Oregon to gather with 3,000 people for the World Domination Summit. It’s not as threatening as it sounds. As bombs drop in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and other parts of our world we’ll be gathering to find common ground. I have never seen such diversity coexist in peace. I have never [...]

Hamster busy or lion busy?

Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/maxmborge/ via cc

Next time we see each other and I ask how you’re doing please don’t tell me you’re busy. That’s not specific enough. There’s more than one kind of busy. There’s hamster busy and the lion busy.   Hamster Busy When I was nine I got a hamster.

When Setting Goals Never Make This First or Last

Goals are scary, powerful and necessary but before you set them remember what happens when you make money your first or last goal. The results are eerily similar. [gss-content-box]If this post was helpful you can get them all via email by clicking here.[/gss-content-box] [one-half first] When Making Money is Your First Goal Bad Clients We [...]

If Your Dream Is Worth Something It Will Certainly Cost You Something

She mentioned she had been at the office since 4:20 a.m. She wasn’t trying to impress me. She went in early so she could spend time with her kids after school. She gets over a million page views a month. I was just finishing lunch and she had already put in an eight hour work [...]

Lessons from the best conference I’ve ever been to – #WDS2013

WDS Jeff Goins

You only need one thing to connect people. 3,000 people came to Portland, Oregon because we had one connection, Chris Guillebeau. We were entrepreneurs, artists, authors, moms, dads, unmarried, non-profit and for profit, gay, straight, rich, not as rich, young and old. We came together and got along beautifully because we had one thing in [...]