Apple trackpad hack: Create multiple desktops

Most of us have more than one program open at a time on our Mac but what’s the best way to move between them? You can use the keyboard shortcut Command + Tab but there’s another way that’s even more fluid. Here’s how to navigate through multiple programs on your Mac using your built in or external trackpad.

1. Set Trackpad Gestures

  1. Hold Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight
  2. Enter “Trackpad” (w/out quotes)
  3. Check “Swipe between full-screen apps – Swipe left or right with four fingers”
  4. Check “Mission Control – Swipe up with four fingers”
Trackpad settings

2. Open three programs then swipe up with four fingers

Open three different programs

3. Drag one to the top and drop it onto a new desktop

Add a program to a new desktop

4. Swipe up to see two desktops

Swipe up with four fingers to see two desktops

5. Drag another program to a new desktop

Swipe up w/ four fingers and drag 3rd program to desktop #3

6. Swipe up to see all three desktops w/ separate programs

Swipe up w/ four fingers to see all three desktops

7. Swipe left or right with four fingers to move between desktops/programs

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