To every author: Your book needs to start a conversation

Post 9 of 26 of The Self-Publishing Series Books can start conversations. The first conversation happens between the reader and your text. It’s the job of the author to keep the conversation going. (Tweet that) If you don’t you’re missing an opportunity to build loyalty and add more value to their life. Whether you write [...]

Questions with no answers until you publish your work

Post 8 of 26 of The Self-Publishing Series Great quests have obstacles. Self-publishing is one such quest. There are physical obstacles; writing and organizing your text, creating cover art and uploading your book to a publishing service. More difficult though are the internal obstacles. They are more powerful and will keep you from finishing. Internal [...]

How to maximize the impact of your book’s endorsements on

Post 7 of 26 of The Self-Publishing Series If you trust an author you will buy their book but why do you buy a book from an author you don’t trust? You buy their book because you trust someone else who says it’s a good book. That’s a long way of saying that endorsements influence your buying decision. [...]

How to achieve a distraction free writing experience in a feature rich program – Scrivener

If you want to be a writer you need to write. To write most of us need to eliminate distractions. In the past I’ve used programs like OmmWriter and ByWord to keep the distractions at bay. Somewhere in the past I forgot that the program I use to actually compile my books also provides a distraction [...]

What the price of your digital book says about its contents

Post 6 of 26 of The Self-Publishing Series Price…the ultimate question for the author and for some the publisher. Here’s a list of prices and what I believe they say about your digital book. To get the self-publishing posts emailed to you click on this link. $16.99 You’re selling a very short business book about moving cheese [...]