Apple trackpad hack: Create multiple desktops

Most of us have more than one program open at a time on our Mac but what’s the best way to move between them? You can use the keyboard shortcut Command + Tab but there’s another way that’s even more fluid. Here’s how to navigate through multiple programs on your Mac using your built in [...]

3 Easy Steps to Capitalizing Your Twitter Handle

Twitter is an important tool in building your brand so it makes sense to optimize your Twitter handle. You should work to make sure your handle is as easy to read as possible. Here’s one small change you can make to your Twitter handle that will improve your Twitter brand. [gss-content-box]If this post was helpful [...]

How to display your iPhone and iPad on your desktop computer

reflector app

Have you ever wanted to share something from your iOS device to create a tutorial or simply show people functionality during a live presentation? There’s a program build just for you and it’s called Reflector. [gss-content-box]If this post was helpful you can get them all via email by clicking here.[/gss-content-box] Air Play Is The Key [...]

My technology when I travel (video)

tech when I travel

I’m leaving this afternoon for the Platform Conference hosted by Michael Hyatt. It’s a four day trip for me (Saturday-Tuesday) and I’m taking one backpack and a messenger bag. Here’s the tech I’m taking and how I’m packing it. What tech do you take when you travel? Any tips for me or any other readers [...]

How to keep your coffee hot if you’re a slow drinker like me

Problem: Frequent coffee shop customer who drinks his coffee too slow is frustrated by either being forced to drink cold coffee or ask baristas to pour new cup every 15 minutes. Solution Bring a double insulated travel mug and ask the barista to give you an empty cup. Fill the mug with hot coffee and [...]