Self-publishing isn’t as hard as it seems. I want to take away some of the mystery and fear for you. Over the next two weeks I’m teaching on the topics below and you get to pick which ones I cover first.


  • The six step self-publishing method I used to make $40,000 on my first book
  • How to launch your book for $100 in 90 days
  • How to sell 100 copies of your book on the first day
  • The only four tools you need to self-publish your book
  • How to deliver bonus content to the people who buy your book

To pick which webinars you want me to produce click here.

REMINDER: These start Thursday February 13th at 1pm CT. If you’d like to be notified when they start fill out the survey form.

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Author of Early To Rise Experience, Speaker, Host of the Unofficial Linchpin Podcast, Creator of The Self-Publishing System, Father, Husband, Tennessean.