Please stop chasing your dream

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I know it was hard for you to stop working today. There’s so much work left to do.

You checked your email in the car on the way home.

You walked in the door and wanted to go open your laptop.

There are emails that you want to answer. OK, maybe you don’t want to answer them but you feel like you should answer them. You’re thinking about them while you’re with us.

daddy home

After five minutes of being home you pull out your phone and your thumbs start flying around the screen. You feel a mild sensation of accomplishment as your inbox goes from 24 to 23. I’m waiting for you to finish. You open another email and I call your name again.

“Dad. Dad. Dad.”

You reply, “Yeah, I’m almost done.”

You’re never done. It’s in your pocket. It’s always there.

I won’t always be here. I won’t always want to play with you.

I’m glad you work so hard for us but right now I want to be with you.

Can they wait? I’ve been waiting all day.

Please stop chasing that dream. I’m not a dream. I’m real and I need you. I need all of you for a few days. For a few days I’m your job.

Stop chasing that dream dad. Please? It’ll be there Monday.

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  1. says

    Time passes so quickly my friend. I can’t remember when my four kids came running to greet me at the door for the last time at the end of the workday. But, there was a last time. Now they are all in their twenties pursuing their own lives. I do not regret one second of pushing work away and getting down on the floor to play. Not. One. Second. Blessings!

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