How to achieve a distraction free writing experience in a feature rich program – Scrivener

If you want to be a writer you need to write. To write most of us need to eliminate distractions. In the past I’ve used programs like OmmWriter and ByWord to keep the distractions at bay. Somewhere in the past I forgot that the program I use to actually compile my books also provides a distraction free writing experience. The key is to use the “Compose” view in Scrivener.

Be Like Mike (Hyatt)
My friend Michael Hyatt recently announced he’s using Scrivener as his writing studio.


Attain Distraction Free Writing & Get 20% off Scrivener
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Michael Hyatt on the realities of having a huge tribe


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On this episode of the Unofficial Linchpin podcast I talk with Michael Hyatt. He’s the author of the NYT best selling book Platform; Get noticed in a noisy world, a popular keynote speaker, he has a leadership role for the SCORRE and Launch Conferences. Mike is an equipper of writers and leaders through his blogging, products and teaching at

I know you’re going to love this interview with Mike whether this your first time hearing from him or you’re a long time fan. In this 30 minute episode Mike talks about several topics publicly for the first time. We explored the blessings and curses of having a healthy on-line following and frankly I think it was a great conversation. If you have a question for me, feedback for this or other Linchpin episodes or have a guest you’d like for me to invite to be on the show call me at 615-200-TAKE or shoot me an email at

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@MichaelHyatt talks for the 1st time about the realities of a huge tribe. #Linchpin Tweet this

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Customers want it yesterday so act like Hyatt


Sales person: “When would you like your product delivered?”
Customer: “How about yesterday?”

I purchased Michael Hyatt’s new book Platform a few days ago when it launched and even though I’m an Amazon Prime member (free 2-day shipping and $3.99 for overnight shipping per item for $79 a year) the delivery was delayed because they didn’t carry enough inventory. That’s Amazon’s fault by the way, not Hyatt’s. I spoke to his “people” and they assured me that Amazon just didn’t believe the demand that the Hyatt team told them was coming. Mike’s a smart guy so I wasn’t upset when I had to wait for the book to arrive because I got it that day. OK Andy, did you get it that day or was it delayed? Both.

When I bought the physical book I followed the directions on this page and I got the book FREE on Kindle and on audio and a ton of other freebies. Mike understands that when we buy something we want it immediately. That’s one of the few reasons people will still drive to Best Buy or their local Apple store. We want it now. Next time you want to sell something, even if it’s a physical product that requires shipping, offer something right away for your customers to consume. We want it…yesterday.

You can get the bonuses till the end of the day (May 25th) at this page.

I’ll be reviewing Mike’s book in a few weeks on the Books For A Better You Show.

Check out the first two episodes where I reviewed $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau and Love Does by Bob Goff and subscribe if you like it!

The story of Michael Hyatt, an Angry German and a Tribe


Yesterday Michael Hyatt, Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing, released his new book Platform. has become the number one place to sell books so having great reviews of your book can quickly move it up the sales ranks. Michael Hyatt put together a launch team and leveraged the relationships he’s built over his many years in the publishing industry to garner 70+ reviews before his book’s release date. People like me received advanced copies and many of us left favorable reviews on That’s where the angry German comes in. Follow me…I’ll explain using some pictures.

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